Viareggio Beach!

Two weeks ago Saturday the roommates and myself went to Viareggio Beach, taking a train there and back with the school. The ride each way was about an hour and a half. The water wasn’t very clear, but it was deliciously cold (there aren’t any pools in the center of the city, only in the country, and they’re all closing). We could go out really far before our feet weren’t touching, and while they did touch, my feet found some clams, hermit crabs, a shell, and an actual crab… which I freaked out about and immediately threw as far as possible. All day there I floated in the sea like a two year old in the sea.

Well, except for the hour or so that we went to eat…Food blog moment- I got tomato cream sauce pasta with two prawns, which was kind of gross because they still had heads and eyes.

Tidbit of cultural difference there- the little girls there run around topless. I guess on young girls it really doesn’t matter here, but there were a couple of girls that were pushing it. Also, speedos are the thing here, guys.

We came home on the train after, sandy, sweaty… and our car had no air. Luckily, we got a couple windows open. We ended up having our first American dinner too, at an American restaurant called Astor, right next to the Duomo. I of course got a burger and fries, and a strawberry daiquiri, which I wanted allllll day- the beach didn’t have any.

Sunday we did laundry and did grocery shopping. Noticed another odd thing- dogs can go everywhere here. Grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, bars- all there, and all so well behaved they don’t even need leashes… they just sit.

Nothing too special happened that day, just relaxed in the ridiculous heat that still plagued us in Florence. Monday was more of the same, but for my lighting class we walked to the highest point in Florence, Palazzale Michaeleangelo, to photograph the sun setting over Florence. I then practically ran to my interview for community service, and just found out yesterday that I got the interview at Canadian Island, a children’s center for English-speaking Italians. After that, I came home and worked on homework before passing out.

Tuesday and Wednesday  were just classes. Of course, my fashion class was the best. We started working with in-studio lighting today as well as brainstorming for ideas for our ad campaign for Gerard. I ditched out of the lab for photojournalism because it was the same beginner’s lab I’ve had in every single one of my classes, and Thursday I paid all of my lab fees, attended Italian class, before going to a bar.


~ by smashstudiosphotography on September 23, 2011.

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